Undergraduate Opportunities

Our lab relies on excellent undergraduate research assistants (uRAs) for completing a number of tasks essential to research that include:  running family sessions, coding emotion or parent-child interactions, scoring physiological data, participating in recruitment and outreach efforts in the community, and entering data.

Because of the level of training we put into our uRAs, we only accept students who can commit to at least 3 academic quarters. Students complete 1 quarter of training and must demonstrate competence and reliability in their role before they are allowed to to either work with families or code data.  uRAs must be able to commit 6-9 hours a week for the academic year. Finally, because we work with families with limited availability, uRAs must be able to contribute some weekend time every month. uRAs can receive course credit or volunteer.

What we expect from students:

  • Students will be working with families with young children or family data in the form of digital files. Students are the front line of our research! Families will judge their overall lab experiences based on their interactions with our uRAs.
  • During training, uRAs must meet the required training benchmarks. When working with families or their data, uRAs cannot miss assigned family sessions or be late on completing coding assignments.
  • Many of our family sessions last over 2 hours. uRAs must enjoy working with families and young children because it can be tiring.

What students can expect to learn from the lab:

  • Extensive Training. uRAs will receive extensive training on proper research methods.
  • Exposure to Research. By working in the lab for an academic year, uRAs will learn a lot about conducting research. The best way to learn about how research is conducted is to participate in the process itself.
  • Professional Development. Every quarter, our lab dedicates a lab meeting to professional development issues. This includes writing a curriculum vitae (C.V.), advice on how to apply to graduate school, and discussions on what to do with a psychology undergraduate degree.

To apply to be a research assistant, please fill out the Qualtrics survey below by following the link. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our project coordinator at startlab@uoregon.edu.

Click here to apply for a research assistant position