Here is a list of our current studies:


DBT Moms:

Dr. Maureen Zalewski is conducting a randomized clinical trial to learn more about how certain mental health symptoms in mother’s impact child development and the parent-child relationship.

Who is Eligible?

Mothers of children (age 3) who struggle to manage their emotions.

  • Do you have or know someone that has a history of difficult interpersonal relationships?
  • Do you experience or know someone that experiences a lot of anger?
  • Do you have or know someone that has a lot of emotional ups-and-downs?

If you experience any of the items above, you or your client may be eligible to participate in our study.

What is involved?

This study will consist of five visits. During the initial visit, mothers complete a long interview with a clinician to assess symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and determine eligibility for the study. After participants have been assessed and eligibility is determined, mothers who have elevated BPD symptoms will be randomly assigned to participate in Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Group, which is aimed at helping develop skills to manage emotions, or Family Services as Usual (their usual services). Mothers and children will then complete four assessments, to assess children and the parent-child relationship, over the course of one year. All participants will receive $320, across the year, as a thank you for participating in our study.


fMRI Substudy (for participants enrolled in the DBT moms study):

The study will involve participation in two experiment sessions spaced approximately 6-months apart. In the sessions you will complete a brain-imaging task where you will see and respond to different pictures while in the MRI scanner. You will also answer several questionnaires in these sessions.


Emotion Regulation in Families (Pilot Wave 2) Study:

This project is interested in learning more about how mothers’ own mental health, difficult life experiences, trauma, and parenting styles influence the development of preschoolers’ ability to regulate their own emotions and stressful experiences. In order to understand how a mother’s own mental health experiences influence their children, we are recruiting families from a range of backgrounds. In our study, some mothers will have experienced very few mental health symptoms and difficult life experiences, while other mothers will have experienced very serious mental health issues and significant difficult life experiences. This is a longitudinal project, so the families are currently coming in for their follow-up assessment 2 years after their original participation.


If you are interested in these opportunities, please contact our project coordinator at start


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